Pork fillet surprise
Super easy
A surprising package of pork

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Category: Main course Pork BBQ


For 1 Persons


2 slice(s) Bacon
4 cm thick slice(s)cm dik Varkensfilet
Peper en Zour
1/2 cm thick slice(s) Tomaat
1/4 piece(s) Groene Paprika
1 slice(s) Kaas

Pork fillet surprise Directions

    • Put 2 slices of pork on top of each other and place the pork fillet on top.
    • Season with pepper and salt.
    • Put a slice of onion on top, tomato and bell pepper.
    • Put the bacon around it and fasten the package with cocktail sticks.
    • Place the packages on the grill rack above the drip pan and grill for about 55 minutes until it is done.
    • Place a slice of cheese on each package and let it melt.
    • Each package is a portion.

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